Since ICICTE 2021 is being held as a hybrid conference, photos are not as dynamic and dramatic as usual, but we are still providing a gallery of shots here, taken by different participants, to show that, in spite of a global pandemic still very much raging, ICICTE goes on. And does a great job of it.

Jiorgos and Despina at the reception desk

A range of ICICTE branded giveaways for delegates to remember the conference by

More giveaways

And this is all the lovely stuff that was in the giveaway boxes

The beautiful and well-situated Hotel Mediterranean where ICICTE 2021 was held

The main hall waiting for the first delegates


Professor Costas Tsolakidis, one of the mainstays of ICICTE, chatting with delegates

Professor Johan Hough from South Africa, one of this year's speakers and sponsors

Conference director Nancy Pyrini setting the stage for the first activity of the conference

Part of the in-hall audience for the first session. Others were participating through Zoom

A section of the audience for the first session

Discussions continue during the coffee break

Etienne Zammit and Neville Thomas, the Maltese "delegation". Both have been to ICICTE before

Professor Ġorġ Mallia leading the first hybrid plenary session with presenters on Zoom

Preparation of the hybrid session seen from the point of view of one of the online presenters, Mari van Wyk

Attendance in the first workshop of the day

More of the participants in the workshop

The RoboPisces project explained

Activity during a workshop

More about the RoboPisces project

Professor Tsolakidis talking to the participants

A post-lunch closed group discussion

A wonderful opening night reception. Good food, good drinks and smiles all round

Just a very few of the ample yummies provided for the opening night reception

And even more yummies (on the table, not standing in the doorway)

The open bar provided for the opening night reception

More guests at the reception

The opening night reception was held at the bar and around the hotel pool

Two very young participants

The Latvian delegation with Professor Tsolakidis

A group photo of some of the delegates attending the opening night reception for ICICTE 2021

Day two: Nancy Pyrini runs an Efficient Parenting workshop to a full house

Hybrid plenary session on day two of the conference. Moderated by Professor Ġorġ Mallia

More from the hybrid plenary session. George Kavouklis presenting

Another hybrid session during the second day of ICICTE 2021

A dinner by the beach at the end of day two of ICICTE 2021

More tables at the day two dinner

Spain, Greece and Malta represented at this table

Day three. Etienne Zammit moderating the plenary session, Mariano Sanz Prieto presenting

Ġorġ Mallia talking about camera use in Zoom synchronous lectures on day three of ICICTE

Johan Hough leading a workshop on The Future of Education and Learning: The New Normal?

Photos from the final night dinner at Rhodes Old Town

Photos from the final night dinner at Rhodes Old Town

Photos from the final night dinner at Rhodes Old Town

Photos from the final night dinner at Rhodes Old Town

The co-organisers of ICICTE 2021, Ġorġ and Nancy ... one last night on the town.

And the Rhodes sun goes down on ICICTE 2021. On to ICICTE 2022

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