The twenty second International Conference on Information, Communication Technologies in Education, ICICTE 2022, will be held again on the island of Rhodes, Greece, between 7 and 9 July, 2022. This is an island where the conference has been held successfully a number of times.


The conference has proved itself to be one of the best small conferences of its type. As it has done in the previous twenty one times that it has been organised, ICICTE 2022 will seek to address the many challenges and new directions presented by technological innovations in educational settings. Also following in the tradition of previous ICICTE conferences, ICICTE 2022 will bring together an international community of scholars and practitioners in a forum setting. Opportunities for discussion on current thinking and practices in applications of technology to education are enhanced by the limited number of participants.


ICICTE invites papers, workshops and posters in a number of general themes, but also suggests a number of specialised themes that can be explored by its participants. The special conference themes for this year’s conference are “Educational Robotics”, "Virtual Reality for Teacher Training", and "Game-based learning to promote digital skills and the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets".


For a description of this theme, as well as a full listing of topics for ICICTE 2022, please consult the conference Aims and Themes.


The conference’s social programs have always brought Greek hospitality to the fore of our meetings and discussions. The gorgeous, historical environment, the limited number of participants, and the intimate setting allow attendees to develop associations that extend into post-conference activities. For further information, please contact the Conference Director, Nancy Pyrini.


We invite you to join us this summer in enjoying the high standard of hospitality of the people of Rhodes.

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