ICICTE 2022 will seek to address the many challenges and new directions presented by technological innovations in educational settings. With the keynote speaker, plenary sessions, workshops, and forums examining the integration of technology into all facets of education, the conference will provide participants with a forum for intensive interdisciplinary interaction and collegial debate. Those attending ICICTE 2022 will leave with an excellent overview of current thinking and practices in applications of technology to education. Thematic streams will include alternative processes, procedures, techniques and tools for creating learning environments appropriate for the twenty-first century.


General conference themes include:

  • Pedagogy in the evolving tech environment
  • The architecture of learning; accessibility; the evolution of the classroom
  • Instructional design and delivery; evaluation and assessment
  • Strategies and tools for teaching and learning, simulations and gaming
  • Informal, non formal and formal adult education
  • Multi-grade education
  • Open/Distance learning
  • Impacts on educational institutions: effects on faculty, staff, administration, and students; curriculum and program development
  • Teacher training
  • Building communities of teachers/educators; cooperative learning
  • The internationalization of institutions and of education
  • Political economy and educational technology: Intersections
  • Effects on training institutions and industry
  • Ethical considerations in the use of information technology in teaching and learning
  • The use of technology in education to promote democratic ideals, freedom, equality
  • Arts education
  • Technology in creative arts education
  • Ethics, human rights and access to open educational resources
  • The application of psychology to learning mediated by technology
  • Blockchain in education.
  • The educational and social impact of the pandemic on secondary school learners.


Special theme for ICICTE 2022: Education for learning and training.


A focus of the conference will be on the following areas:


• Educational Robotics

Educational robots enable students of all ages to become familiar with and deepen their knowledge of robotics and programming, while at the same time learning other cognitive skills.


• Virtual Reality for teacher training

Educators form one of the most powerful and influential forces in education. Nowadays, educators face unprecedented challenges with classrooms being more complex, multicultural, and more digital than ever. For educators, crisis situations like COVID-19 are adaptive and transformative challenges, for which there are no guidelines to follow for appropriate responses. The VRTEACHER project aims to strengthen teacher education using a novel Virtual Reality (VR) based approach to respond effectively to in-class crisis situations such as a pandemic. Using VR to train educators aims to promote their adaptability, readiness, and ability to respond and deal with crisis situations.

• Game-based learning to promote digital skills and the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets

The cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets has become a significant objective within the European Agenda as it is considered to be a major factor for achieving competitiveness and growth of an economy. The idea of bringing entrepreneurship into the classroom, not only will address a European need for the cultivation of entrepreneurial citizens who will promote innovative solutions but will also prepare the students for their life journey. The DIGITALIS project is dedicated to primary education students starting from the preparation of young students for the world of tomorrow, where digital literacy and the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets from a young age are considered to be critical to economic growth. The DIGITALIS project proposes the use of a novel pedagogical and methodological framework, that is based on a combination of in-class activities supported by the use of serious gaming approaches.


Those attending ICICTE 2022 will leave with an excellent overview of current thinking and practices in applications of technology to education.

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