ICICTE 2018 Steering Committee

Top to bottom, left to right:

Chair of the Steering Committee:

Dr Chris Barlow, Professor in Acoustics, School of Media, Arts and Technology, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

e-mail: chrisbarlow@icicte.org


Conference Director:

Nancy Pyrini, GREECE.

e-mail: nancypyrini@icicte.org;

mobile: +30 693 694 99 66


Chair of the Communications Committee and Communications Coordinator:

Dr Ġorġ Mallia, Head of the Media and Communications Department, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta, MALTA.

e-mail: gorgmallia@icicte.org


Conference Registrar:

Matthew Hickling, Maritime and Technology Faculty, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

e-mail: registrar@icicte.org


Chair of the Scientific Committee:

Dr Greg Anderson, Dean of Applied Research, Justice Institute of British Columbia, CANADA.

e-mail: ganderson@jibc.ca


Resources Director:

Dr Costas Tsolakidis, Professor, Department of Education, University of the Aegean GREECE


Conference Management Assistant:

George Sarrigeorgiou, Technical Vocational, School of Markopoulo-Oropos, GREECE

The committee that organises the conference. The Scientific and Communications Committees will be published here at a later date.


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