This page contains up to the minute news about ICICTE 2019, as well as resources intended to publicize the conference.


(January 20, 2019)


This newsletter talks about the new organisational structure of ICICTE, introduces the Steering Committee and has information about the venue of the conference. An interactive pdf of the newsletter can be downloaded HERE.


(January 19, 2019)

New organisers for ICICTE

The new organisers for ICICTE are the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning, a worldwide network whose onus is to promote open learning and that is also enacting major projects in the field of Blockchain in Education. This Malta-based organisation is affliated with a number of educational institutions worldwide and this year will be organising three conferences, among them ICICTE. The second is the International Consortium for Educational Technology, which is slowly growing with a number of partner universities, among them Southampton Solent, that organised the conference so successfully for a large number of years.


(March 20, 2019)

Registrations for ICICTE are now open

Please go to the registration page on this site (just click HERE) to register at the early bird price. The sooner you register, the more certain you are of getting a place at ICICTE 2019.


(March 20, 2019)

New organisers for ICICTE

We would like to wish a hearty welcome to the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Public Administration) into the International Consortium for Educational Technology, which is organising this year's conference. And a special welcome to Dr Aleksander Aristovnik, representing them on the ICICTE 2019 steering committee.



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